Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Metropolis Cordless Flat Iron

I think I may be in love.  Let's backtrack for a second.  Two years ago when I went to London on vacation, I brought my beloved Chi straightener only to have it melted to an unrecognizable heap a day later.  Instead of repurchasing my pink chi, I decided to invest in the Metropolis straightener.  You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this cordless version on Sephora's website.  Sadly, I did not find this until the day before I leave for Egypt, this would have been a great tool to bring to Egypt, in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the Chi incident. Alas, I did not find it in time, this will have to be a post Egypt purchase.

Photo Credit: Sephora

Review: Makeup Forever Smoky Lash

After misplacing my beloved Chanel Inimitable mascara, I decided to step out of the box and try something new.  Enter Makeup Forever Smoky Lash.  After reading several reviews on the product, I decided that this volumizing and curling mascara was the one for me.  Another plus is the fact that its ultra pigmented, providing for smoldering lashes.  The only downside I have noticed thus far (I've been using it for about a week) is that it flakes and clumps.  The clumping is easily solved with an eyelash brush but the flaking is rather annoying.  On the plus side, I love the color and the volume.

3 out of 5 stars
Would I repurchase? Maybe

Photo Credit: Sephora

Review: Loreal EverPure Shampoo

Yesterday as I was running last minute errands before I jet off to egypt, I stumbled upon a new sulfate shampoo by Loreal called EverPure.  This color protect shampoo is comparable to Pureology, it even smells similar.  There are two formulas, smoothing and moisturizing, the one that I chose, both smell faintly of Rosemary and Juniper.  Yesterday I used the shampoo and the deep conditioning mask and I was amazed.  I blow dried and straightened and to my amazement I had absolutely NO flyaways, frizz or dryness.  I have to say that I am usually one that does not use shampoos that don't come from a salon, however, I am replacing my beloved kerastase shampoo in my suitcase with EverPure.  We will see how well EverPure hold up in the Egyptian heat, more to come on that.

5 out of 5 stars
Would I repurchase? YES

Photo Credit: Loreal