Thursday, December 25, 2008

Review: Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, its been crazy with the finals and the holidays. Despite the craziness of the last few weeks, I managed to test out a few great products and will have them up soon.  First up: Chanel Inimitable Mascara.  Not too long ago I posted about Chanel Exceptionnel mascara, which I love, however I think it has been replaced.  The Inimitable mascara literally makes my lashes look fake! I have never had a mascara make my lashes look so long.  The brush is almost rubbery with tons of small bristles that coat each lash.  The formula is fairly thin which allows for multiple coats and it literally does not budge.

4 out of 5 stars
Would I repurchase? YES!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Review: Pureology PureVolume Conditioner

I have literally never been out of shampoo and conditioner but between finals and all of the papers I have been writing lately, I completely forgot to replace it while I was at home over Thanksgiving.  Luckily I have the best mom in the world and she sent me some, I told her to get me whatever she wanted and I got Pureology PureVolume Conditioner.  I am in love! Its a really thick creamy conditioner, but it packs serious volume! It has an acquired smell, sort of almondy-earthy but I like it.  It doesn't linger too long which is nice.  In addition to the volume, this conditioner is highly moisturizing and protects color.  All around its a great conditioner!

9 out of 10 stars
Would I repurchase? YES!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Review: Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Anti-Blemish Daily Cleanser

 Ladies, winter is upon us and thus so is dry skin.  I finally ditched my daily exfoliating cleanser for a new, creamier version.  Voila Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Anti- Blemish Cleanser. This creamy, blemish reducing cleanser is the answer to my skin whoas! Seriously! The cleanser moisturizes perfectly and helped clear up my t-zone zits in a matter of days. Also the light, flowery smell is delicious! While it may seem absurd that I, a 22 year old would use an anti-aging cleanser, my motto is that you can never start too soon! 

Rating: 10 out of 10
Repurchase? YES!!!!!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Review: Pixi Engery Blush Duo

Also during my Target trip, I stumbled upon this little gem of a blush! Pixi by Petra, another high end line of cosmetics for Target, offers nice cosmetics in adorable packaging. I needed a new blush and decided to try the line's Energy Blush in "Pick Me Up" a great pinkish shade with a lighter pink highlighter, mixed together, the two create the perfect flush. The Energy Blushes each come with two shades, one color, the other highlighter, both are perfectly matched, so that when mixed they create the perfect combination of color and glow. Again the downfall is the price, at $21, it is a little steep for a product from Target.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Would I repurchase? Maybe

Wish List: Philosophy Senorita Margarita Body Scrub

While I love snowy winters, I love summer more, thus I am constantly looking for products that remind me of summer to use during the long winter. Enter Philosophy's Senorita Margarita Hot Salt Body Scrub! This delicious salt scrub gets rid of my dry skin and give me that summer scent that I crave! The perfect stocking stuffer, definitely adding this one to my list!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Review: Jemma Kidd Mannequin Complexion Skin Enhancer

I have glanced at the new cosmetics offerings at Target several times and was less than impressed, however when I was shopping yesterday, I decided to give it one more try. Behold, Jemma Kidd Mannequin Complexion Skin Enhancer. This light, shimmery primer gives skin a much needed moisture boost as well as a summery glow, perfect for dull, winter skin.  The primer is meant to be applied under foundation but today I was running late for class and I rubbed some on before running out the door, only to be asked several times if I went somewhere warm for break because my skin was "glowing." The only downfall to the product is its $24 price tag. Its so hard to plunk down that much for a product that comes from Target, but trust me once you buy it you'll be happy you did, especially in the winter months to come! Overall this is a great 1 step product!

Rating: 10 out of 10
Would I buy again? Yes, but I wish the price was a little bit lower

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Wish List: Bobbi Brown Night Sky Long Wear Eye Palette

I think I may have just found my new signature eye look! Ok so I haven't even tried it yet, but from the pictures, Im convinced! Bobbi Brown's Night Sky Palette is not only long wearing but includes some of the most gorgeous shades I have ever seen! The navy/black look is so chic right now and this palette seems to include all of the right colors to recreate it!

The Palette Includes:
Rockstar Long-Wear Cream Shadow
Ocean Storm Long-Wear Cream Shadow
Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Thuder Storm Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

Wish List: Bobbi Brown Basic Eye Palette

As a beauty addict I have tons of shadow palettes, however, throughout the years I have noticed that I continually come back to Bobbi Brown's.  Thus I am including her new Basic Eye Palette on my wish list.  The palette includes Navajo Eye Shadow, Cement Eye Shadow, Heather Mauve Shimmer Wash Shadow and Mahogany Eye Shadow.  These colors are perfect to create a subtle day time look or a smoky evening look.  Overall the perfect palette to keep in your purse for those "I need to look hot in under 5 minutes" emergencies! 

Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

Wish List: Jack Black Lip Balm Trio

In rare cases, products for women need to take notes on products for men, case in point? Jack Black Lip Balm.  There are a few products that all women steal from the men in their lives, mine is Jack Black lip balm.  This silky balm soothes my lips like none other, especially in the cold of winter.  I have only tried the original scents but I am so excited to test out the new ones including Natural Mint and Shea Butter, Lemon and Chamomile and Acai Berry and Vanilla.  This gift set will be the perfect holiday pick me up for anyone!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Juicy Loves Sephora Pave Lip Gloss Heart Ring

Juicy will always hold a place in my heart for their comfy, elegant clothes and their yummy perfume! I was delighted to run across this adorable lip gloss ring at Sephora! This pave crystal ring holds a tiny pot of pink tinted, citrus flavored lip gloss.  While I am excited about the gloss, I am more excited about the cuteness that is this ring! I mean seriously, could it be any cuter? This product is a total multi-tasker, it doubles as an adorable, sassy accessory as well as an emergency gloss stash! Im definitely going to be running over to Sephora to pick one of these babies up!

Daisy: Eau de Parfum

I am one of those girls who can never settle on a "signature" fragrance, however, last year I found one that still hold the #1 spot in my heart, Marc Jacobs Daisy.  This lovely, fresh fragrance has notes of strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia and violet petals, providing for the perfect mix of femininity and spice.  While I love this perfume, it is not really a "going out" fragrance. Enter the NEW Daisy Eau de Parfum! This new, more concentrated, version of the original is perfect for those nights when you need something a little bit extra.  This will definitely be going on my wish list!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Sunsilk Captivating Curls

My hair is a annoying combination of curly/wavy/stick straight so I am always looking for products that will hold my curl, define my wave and keep my hair from being a crunchy mess.  I think I may have found that in Sunsilk's Captivating Curls Gel/Cream.  This product is a very pretty lime scented swirl of curl cream and curl gel.  Each pump delivers the perfect amount of each product, providing for beautifully defined curls with no frizz or crunch.  I tested this product out the other night and even went out without any hair spray, I was nervous, as you can imagine.  When I got home about 6 hours later I immediately headed to the mirror to check out my hair, I was amazed to see that my hair looked just as good as when I had left.  I was even more surprised the next morning only to discover that my curls were still intact....that NEVER happens!!!!  This product has earned a permanent spot on my bathroom shelf!

Photo Credit: Sunsilk

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jergens Naturals: Renew

I have to admit, I am not usually a fan of Jergens, however, this new one has compeletly changed my opinion of the line.  The light, fruity scent is perfect and the formula is super moisturizing.  This luscious lotion contains grapeseed oil, blueberry extract and pomegranate extract to give skin a boost of moisture as well as slather it in antioxidants.  While the formula is rather thin, thus far the lotion seems to be very moisturizing,  even for my ashy winter skin.  Another plus is that the formula is 93% natural and contains no Parabens, which is always a plus. 

Photo Credit: Jergens

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The NEW and IMPROVED Lash Stash

Over the summer, some of you may remember my reviews of the mascaras in Sephora's Lash Stash. Well guess what!!! They've done it again! Sephora has come out with a new and improved lash stash just in time for the holidays.  The set is even larger than the first and includes even more cult favorite mascaras.  

The set includes:
Smashbox Bionic Mascara (also in first kit)
Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara
Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara
Lash Venom Mascara
Korres Deep Colour Mascara
Cargo Texas Lash Mascara

I think I am in love...seriously, so many mascaras so little time. I will definitely be putting this one on my Christmas list!

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MUFE: Aqua Eyes Collection

MUFE has just come out with this limited edition set of their amazing Aqua Eyes liner/shadow pencils.  While the standard shades are always available, these mini editions are a holiday-only special.  For $35, you receive 4 limited edition shades and one gold 'ol standby. Seriously? I think I am going to be running to Sephora to snap this baby up.  I am particularly excited to test out the Purple, which is described as a metallic. Im thinking this could really play up my green eyes.

Anyone tried them?

Photo Credit: Sephora

Charlize Theron: Gold Smoky Eye

Today as I was perusing Total Beauty, I stumbled across an article entitled, 7 ways to look gorgeous for the holidays, and knew I had to take a peak. Two of the seven looks caught my eye, first of which Charlize's gorgeous golden/brown smokey.  Following the directions total beauty give, I applied gold shadow (Smashbox champagne) all over my lid and then a dark brown mixed with taupe in the crease (MAC Era and Espresso) then lined my eyes with a smudged combination of gold and taupe. Next I lined the inner lower and upper rims with UD 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero.  While I like the way it turned out, its not an exact replica, I think I need to work a little bit more with the gold, I haven't found the right shade yet.  I highly reccomend reading this article as they give some great ideas!

Photo Credit: Total Beauty

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Scent Map

Today as I was reading a few of my favorite blogs, I stumbled across a post by Spoiled Pretty in which she discusses a great new website, Scent Map.  This website is perfect for gift buying, especially for clueless boyfriends. You simply enter your current scent and the scent map will pull up four fragrances that it believes you will like according to the original scent you entered.  I tested it out with one of my all time favorites and was ecstatic to find four new perfumes to test out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nars Makeup Primer with SPF

I absolutely love the original Nars makeup primer for its high vitamin content, its silky texture and the way it makes my skin feel in general.  I am absolutely ecstatic to have discovered that my beloved primer now comes in an SPF version! I have pale, Irish skin and so I am constantly slathering on sunscreen and this product will allow me to cut back on the number of products applied...oh how I love products that multitask! The primer includes UVA and UVB protection as well as Active Phytoseed complex which provides intense hydration for parched skin (just what I need with winter well on its way)! Also this product is SPF 20, which is what dermatologists recommend for daily wear! So ladies, I highly encourage you to snap this product up! I promise, you won't regret it!

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Super Orgasm!

Nars blush in Orgasm has been one of my no-fail beauty weapons since my sophomore year in high school and here I am, a senior in college and Im still using it.  you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Nars was releasing a new shade, Super Orgasm, modeled after the original.  This particular blush is an enhanced version of Orgasm with more goldish glitter, and overall brighter.  I haven't been able to get my hand on it yet, but rest assured when I do, I am almost positive it will become a part of my daily routine!

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Biore Skin Boosting Night Serum

I have one embarrassing guilty pleasure....Biore nose strips...I know I know they are gross but I am addicted to them! Anyways, as I was picking up my box of nose strips, I stumbled across this little wonder product.  This light, silky serum is applied to skin at night and I kid you not makes you wake up looking like you just had a facial! The oil free formula evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves the overall look and texture of skin.  I have also found that this product makes an amazing makeup primer! It soaks into skin quickly leaving skin matte, dewy and ready for makeup application.  I love this product for the dry, cold air that we have been having lately, it keeps my skin moisturized and glowing!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Exceptionnel de Chanel

After reading a review of this product from the ladies of Beauty in Real Life, I decided that I needed to haul my butt to Nordstroms and pick some up.  This weekend while I was at home I had the opportunity to hit up Nordies and one of my scores was this lovely little tube that provides lash seriously.  At first I was skeptical of the brush because it has so many different sides, but I was amazed after one coat.  Im hooked! I don't think any other mascara will ever be the same! Even one of my roommates noticed and asked what I was wearing.  While the price ($28) is a little bit steep for a mascara, it is so worth it, plus its Chanel! The packaging is totally classic Chanel black with a small emblem on the top and a Chanel written in white across the bottom.  Overall I am extremely happy with my Chanel purchase of the weekend!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tarte empahasEYES

One of my favorite beauty secrets to enhance my small, almond shaped eyes, is to line the inner rim of the eye. Now this causes problems for several reasons; first of all, my eyes are extremely sensitive and most liners irritate them, also because this area is constantly moist, my liner usually ends up under my eyes creating that I haven't slept in a year look.  I may of found the solution these problems, Tarte emphasEyes, which is formulated specifically for the inner rim of the eye, which pretty much means it won't irritate sensitive eyes and it has lasting power!  Also another perk is that it comes in four beautifully rich colors, chocolate brown, smoldering black, eggplant and emerald green.  I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eye Slept

I was first attracted to this product because of it's clever name, however, once I read its claims and list of ingredients I was obsessed.  Everyone has those sleepless nights (almost every night for me!) in which you wake up looking like a zombie with two black eyes.  Well ladies, I may have just found your solution! Eye Slept Cream Instant Eye Brightener claims to instantly brighten the under-eye area in a matter of seconds.  Also it is so light weight it can be applied over or under makeup! Sounds like a miracle product to me!

Anyone tried this? Love it? Hate it? Fall Trends

So, I must make a confession, today while I was supposed to be studying for a killer French exam, I was really checking out beauty products on know I know, shame on me.  Anyways, you'll be happy to know that I made an interesting discovery! has an entire page devoted to the latest beauty and hair trends, in this case fall trends.  In these pages they provide several different looks and then describe (in detail) how to achieve them as well as list the products! The look pictured above is my favorite, "Sweet, Sexy, Modern" is the name of it, its very pinky and fresh, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Check it out asap and get to your local Sephora to pick up these great products!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alto Bella Moisturizing Complex

Yes, its true, I am about to share one of my favorite super secret products, Alto Bella Moisturizing Complex.  Now I am almost 100% sure none of you have ever heard of this little delight, however get ready because it will change your life forever.  I first stumbled upon this product at my salon, Rocco Altobelli salon, at home in Minnesnowta, it is designed by the owner of the salon himself, and used to only be available in the store.  I would come back to school with dozens of bottles of it to make sure that I didn't run out and my roommates constantly begged to borrow it and often times stole it, no seriously, its that good! Luckily for my roommates,  Alto Bella products are now available online! The moisturizing complex comes in a variety of scents including: vanilla, pomegranate, green tea, lemon verbena, Sea and Vitamin C, Milk, lavender, and ginger. My personal favorites are green tea and pomegranate! These little guys contain tons of vitamins and heavy non-greasy moisturizers to soothe and condition skin.  If you care about your skin at all, you will give these guys a try, and for $9 you can order more than one!

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Burberry Summer

I find myself desperately clinging to the last few weeks of summer these days and nothing reminds me more of summer than fruity fragrances.  I would have to say that my all time favorite fragrance of summer 2008 is Burberry Summer.  As I perused the fragrance aisle at Nordstroms, I stumbled upon this grape-fruity delight and never looked back! A spin off the original Burberry fragrance, summer has hints of grapefruit, lemon and musk.  It is crisp and clean and yet extremely feminine.  I highly suggest picking one of these babies up before they are put away for the season, you never know when you might need a little breath of summer!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loreal Kids Grape Conditioner

So at my local Walmart, I was scoping out the conditioner scene when I stumbled upon this amazing products which is directed towards kids.  Attracted by the bright color of the bottle I picked it up to give it a sniff....WOW! It smelled so amazing that I had to give it a try and now as im sitting in my room post shower, I can honestly say I am amazed.  My hair, which is still wet, is amazingly soft and tangle free, I can't wait to see what it looks like dry as this product claims to tame fly aways! Also, because I dye my hair, I am always concerned about products stripping the color, however this product is extra gentle so I have no worries!  If you are looking for an inexpensive conditioner alternative give this one a try!

Photo Credit: Loreal Paris

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vaseline Update

So not only am I desperately sick with a horrible cold, but my skin is peeling and Anyways so last night in a moment of desperation I grabbed a glob of Vaseline and proceeded to rub it all over my face.  As my face stuck to my pillow I began to think it was a bad choice, however when I woke up this morning my skin looked AMAZING! No SERIOUSLY...gone were the flakes and the peeling as well as the red splotches that go along with dry skin.  Hello smooth, supple, radiant skin.  Vaseline is most definitely going to be a new staple moisturizer for me, I don't think  I can use it every night but at least a few times a week! If you haven't tried it yet, do it, right now!

Bisous from your supple faced college beauty queen!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Face Moisturizer?

As of late I have read several articles in which Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is praised as an amazing facial moisturizers.  In most articles I read, women applied the product to their faces at night and woke up with baby soft skin. first I was disgusted by the thought of putting this gloopy, sticky mess on my face but after careful thought, I decided it might not be a bad idea.  After moving back to school, my skin has decided to revolt and has become dry and extremely acne prone, nothing I do seems to appease it, thus the idea of Vaseline left me wondering.  My one issue that is keeping me from slathering it on is the mess it will make while I am sleeping.  I don't know about you but I am a wild sleeper (my roommates can testify, I wake up looking like a troll doll!) and I am terrified that this is going to ruin my sheets/ bedding! The only idea I have is to designate a specific pillow case for those nights when I need a little extra moisturizing! Anyways Im definitely going to give this a try in the near future, so more to come!

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Coconut Frosting!

During my weekly perusal of, I stumbled upon this yummy new product from Philosophy! This salt scrub smells like a coconut cake and is packed with tons of skin nourishing ingredients! As we get closer and closer to the cold weather, my skin gets paler and paler, thus forcing me to use the dreaded self tanner.  One fool proof way of insuring a streak free tan is to exfoliate with a scrub prior to applying a tanner.  Coconut Frosting is the perfect product for this as it is oil free and will not interfere with the application or development of a self tanner.  Plus who doesn't want to smell like a tropical island in the middle of winter?

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit

I have been an avid user of Neutrogena cleansers since middle school and while I stray every once in awhile, I find myself faithfully coming back.  The new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit is no different, after only one day of using this product my out-of-control skin began to calm down again.  The pink grapefruit extract is calming for the skin and get revitalizes your senses at the same time! I find myself waking up in the morning excited to use this because of the wonderful scent! While I love the traditional Oil-Free Acne Wash (its orange, im sure you've seen it!) this one is definitely a new staple in my routine.  Also included in this line is an acne scrub and a body wash...I can't wait to try them!

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Philosophy Hope in A Jar

I know, I know, Im a horrible blogger....but give me a break as school is currently ruling my life.  Anyways, besides school, my skin is currently being a major pain in my behind! Its like this every single year....come back to school only to have my skin go into a full fledged revolt. Before I headed back I purchased Philosophy's Hope in a Jar which I heard was good for sensitive skin.  Alas this was not the case for me.  While I liked the scent of the product, the texture was a little bit too greasy, and almost immediately after I began using this product the skin revolt started (No...I know thats not the only reason my skin is acting up but I still think it contributed!). I am so disappointed because I know this is an HG product for many people.  Anyways, better luck with the next moisturizer on my list!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Purity Foaming Cleanser

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the lack of posts in the last few weeks! Life has been absolutely crazy! School just started again yesterday and between moving in, setting up my apartment and going to class, I have hardly had time to breathe!  Luckily though, I have had time to try out a few new products! One of which is Philosophy's Purity Foaming Cleanser. This earthy smelling cleanser seriously gets rid of every spec of dirt and makeup and on top of that it wont dry out your skin, talk about a miracle product! I have only been using it for about a week but so far my skin looks and feels great! If you like foaming products this is definitely the cleanser for you!  

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Update

So this morning I hauled my tail over to Sephora to test out the MUFE HD foundation only to find that Sephora does not sell the HD in stores! You can imagine my dissapointment until the sales associate explained that the high lift foundation, which they do carry in stores is practically the same! She then helped me find the perfect (and ladies I mean PERFECT) shade of foundation to match my fair skin with a pink undertone! I raced home to apply the foundation with a Kabuki brush ala Kim Kardashian. To my surprise the foundation blended in perfectly with the Kabuki brush! Also the light creamy foundation provided great coverage in my "trouble areas" and simply evened out the rest of my face! Im not typically a huge fan of liquid foundation but this is definatly one that I would reccomend!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its Finally HERE!

The new OPI line for Sephora has finally arrived and girls, I couldn't be more excited! Each polish rings in at approximately $9...what a steal! These polishes are formaldehyde free which is a definite plush for all of those of us who are environmentally conscious, also the polishes come in a wide variety of shades, making them a perfect fit for everyone. Personally I am drooling over How Cute is That a vintage pink coral and It's All About Me, a muted hot pink, but all 54 shades are gorge! Check out the shades at your local Sephora or at!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Make-Up Forever High Definition Foundation

Ok I have a confession to make...I have never purchased or even tried a Make-Up Forever product, I know, I know, I should be ashamed of myself. After watching the latest beauty video on Kim Kardashian's website, I fell in love with MUFE's HD foundation, it makes her skin look absolutely flawless, I just hope it does the same for me!  Kim and her make-up artist advise using a kabuki brush to buff in this foundation as it gives a nice sheer coverage thats lasts and lasts, just set with powder and you are good to go! While I love my Too Faced Foundation Wand, I am a little bit disappointed with the coverage it offers so I think I'm going to give this one a try! Let me know if you have tried it, love it hate it?

Check out HD foundation here!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review: Lorac Publicity Stunt Mascara

My second review from Sephora's Lash Stash is Lorac's Publicity Stunt Mascara.  This is not one of my favorite mascaras from the kit.  It doesn't particularly lengthen or thicken my lashes, however it did divide them nicely and made them look nice enough for day time.  The smaller version does not have the comb in the picture, however I really don't think the comb is particularly necessary, anyways, thats besides the point, this mascara is simply a "standard" product, nothing too special but nice enough for daily wear.  Look forward to the next review in the Lash Stash series.

Photo Credit: Sephora

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

Due to my recent stitches, I haven't been allowed to wear any makeup besides mascara, thus I decided to review all of the mascaras in the Sephora lash stash.   My first review is Blinc's Kiss Me mascara in black.  This was the first mascara I pulled out of the Lash Stash box and I was hesitant because of it's tiny tube as well as it's claim to "tube" lashes.  However, I was extremely surprised to find that this mascara not only "tubes" lashes, it also amazingly lengthens and thickens lashes.  Another perk is that this mascara seriously will not flake or even rub off! The only way to remove it is to use warm water and gently brush lashes upwards, some lashes require a little bit of pulling but otherwise its a cinch! This mascara makes my eye look wide and even without any other makeup it makes my entire face light up! This gets 5 out out of 5 from the college beauty addict!  Look forward to the reviews of the other mascaras in Sephora's Lash Stash!

Photo Credit: Sephora

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello Lovely Ladies! Sorry I have been so behind in my posting- I recently had a scar revision done on my nose and have not been feeling 100% and also have been unable to put any type of product on my face (very difficult for a beauty addict like moi!)  I promise I will have eye of the day and other reviews up soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lash Stash

As I was perusing Sephora's website, I came across this amazing little kit which contains travel sizes of 7 of Sephora's best selling mascaras for only $28! I dont know about you, but I am a mascara addict and I hate when I purchase one only to find that it was not worth the trip to get it, much less what I paid for it! This kit solves that problem! I have, for a long time, been coveting, Blink's Kiss Me mascara, but have been hesitant to try it because of it's "tube formula," however, with this kit, I get a trial size, so I can test it before splurging!  The kit includes:

Blink Kiss Me Mascara
Smash Box Bionic Mascara
Benefit A Little Bit Bad Gal Lash
Lorac Publicity Stunt Mascara
Stila Multi Effect Mascara
Sephora Brand Lash Plumper
Two Faced Lash Injection

I would say that this is definitely worth the trek out to Sephora! Hurry though gals, as this is a limited time offer! Check out the Lash Stash here!

Photo Credit: Sephora!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eye of the day: Easy Day to night look!

This is one of my all time favorite eye looks! I love the Olive color as it really brings out the green in my eyes, also its so easy to take this look from a day at ork to a night out! The first photo is the evening look (a little bit darker, smokier) and the second picture is a of a light, fresh daytime look!

To acheive this look:
Mac Paintpot in Bare Study- all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Shroom- all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Sumptuous Olive- in the creases
Mac Eye Shadow in Espresso- lightly on the outer corners
Mac Powerpoint pencil in stubborn brown
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

Mac Paintpot in Bare Study- all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Shroom- all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Sumptuous Olive- in the creases
Mac Eye Shadow in Espresso- heavily on the outer corners and into the creases
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

Like it?
Questions Comments?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garnier Fructis Melting Hair Mask

The other night as I was browsing through the new issue of Glamour magazine, I read a blip about this new wonder conditioner from Garnier.  Marketed as a "melting hair mask," this cream claims to repair damaged, over-processed hair from the inside out making hair shinier, healthier and stronger..oh and it smells delicious too! I picked it up today and have yet to try it but I have high hopes! Since I have gone lighter with my highlights, my hair has been dry and frizzy, especially when its so humid outside so I am constantly on the lookout for new deep conditioners.  Hopefully this new mask will do everything it claims and become my new hg of conditioners!

Visit Garnier and have a look for your selves!

Eye of the Day: Brown and Turquoise

Like I mentioned in the last post, it is often times difficult for me to use bright colors because my skin is so fair, however I absolutely adore this turquoise color from MAC so I decided to give it a try with a few browns. I actually really like the way the turquoise compliments the nude shades of brown, I think it just gives it that something special.  Also this looks is so wild that it can't be worn to work! What do you think? (BTW sorry about the crazy eyebrows, im overdue for a wax!)

What to achieve this look? Heres what I used!
Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study all over lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Shroom all over lid
Mac Shadow in Era in crease
Mac shadow in Honesty in crease
Mac shadow in Mulch on outer corners
Smashbox shadow in Champagne on inner corners
Mac shadow in Unreally Blue as a liner
Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eye of the Day: Subtle Purple Smoky

Finally! The long awaited (well for me at least) eye of the day series.  I realize that these looks my be a little tame for many of you, but as a fair haired girl, it is difficult for me to use "fun" colors and not look like its Halloween. This is one of my no-fail eye looks.  This particular photo was taken as a day look, however, its very easy to turn this eye into a "going out" eye, simply darken the creases and add more mascara. Ok side note, just as I was about to upload and open eye picture, I deleted it! Darn! Anyways, imagine this with green eyes! The purple and goldish flecks really make green eyes pop (also works for blue or brown!)

To achieve this look I used:
Mac Paintpot in Bare Study all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadow in Shroom all over the lid
Mac Eye Shadown in Garcon Gray in the crease
Mac Eye Shadow in Parisienne in the crease
Mac Eye Shadow in Bistro in the outer corners and along the lash-line
Mac Eye Shadow in Nocturnelle as an eyeliner
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

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Colossal? Not so much!

Last week as I was picking up a prescription at the drugstore, a giant yellow display caught my eye, naturally as it was in the beauty aisle, I was drawn to it. Behold Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara.  I ooooed and ahhhhed at the amazing, eye catching packaging and decided that I just had to have it.  Here we are a week later and I am sorely regretting my decision.  Not only does it not live up to its claim of 9X the volume, it dries out my lashes so much that they just end up looking clumpy and crusty.  While I love the large brush as it covers every single lash, the formula just isnt what I expected from Maybelline.  

Tried it? Let me know what you think!


Photo Credit: Maybelline

The Rules of Summer Shaving

I'm sorry to say it ladies but that time of the year has rolled around again...the leg shaving months. While I love the summer months more than any other time of the year, I dread the constant shaving that must be done in order to keep my legs in bathing suit shape!  Luckily I have blonde hair and only shave about every other day, however for you brunettes out there, shaving daily can be a big chore, so I decided to put together a little list of shaving dos and donts to help get the most of the summer months and make shaving just a little easier. Perhaps one of the most obvious rules is to use some kind of cream or gel, this will help protect the skin from the blades of the razor.  There are so many products on the markets these days it an be difficult to pick the one that is right for you, my no-fail choice is always Edge, which is actually a gel geared towards men. I like this specific product because it is designed for men's beards and therefore allows for a closer shave (oh yeah...and it smells yummy too!).  The second rule is Rinse your blade often, if you don't, you will essentially be shaving for no reason as the hairs interfere with the blades ability to cut. When shaving legs use long upwards strokes, this ensures the closest shave. The final rule is to MOISTURIZE! I know for me personally, lotion often times irritates my freshly shaved legs, if this is the case for you as well, try baby oil, not only does it moisturize, it also makes hair finer, which will in turn make shaving easier!  Hopefully these tips were helpful in the ongoing woman vs. leg hair battle!


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eye Cream Roller?

I have an confession to make, I love gossip magazines! However, because of my crazy work schedule, I only ever get to read them at the cabin on the weekends. So this weekend, during my perusal of Glamour magazine, I came across an add for the Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-Puff Eye Roller.  I was intrigued to say the least, how is it possible to apply an eye cream with a roller? Although I was skeptical, I decided to give this product a try as it claims to de-puff eyes and diminish the appearance of dark circles, just what a twenty-something college student needs.  Thus I hauled my tush over to Target and picked one up, I looked like a hot mess in a college sweatshirt, under armour shorts, hair in a pony with a headband sticking up all over and last nights makeup still caked on, so needless to say I needed a pick me up.  This product was my answer.  I applied as soon as I got in the car, hoping for a miracle.  The cool metal roller soothed my puffy under eye skin and the gel seemed to immediately tighten and brighten.  While this product did not produce amazing results, I definitely looked more awake and less of a a zombie after one application.  I can't wait to see what continued use of roller has in store for me!

Check out the roller here
Photo Credit: Garnier

The Comforter

During my recent love affair with Lush products, I stumbled across this amazing little pink bar of bubbles. "The Comforter" is a product in Lush's line bubble bars which are designed to fill your tub with yummy, moisturizing bubbles.  While I was picking up my Angles on Bare Skin cleanser, I saw this and decided it looked too pretty to pass up! That night when I got home and crumbled a small amount of the blackberry scented bar into my tub and was amazed by the amount of bubbles created! Bubble baths are one of my guilty pleasures and I can only indulge during the summers at home so I take one every chance I get but bubble bath typically dries out my skin so much I have to apply tons of lotion to fix it! Not the case with this bar! Not only was the water a gorgeous shade of pink, it smelled delicious and I stepped out of my tub feeling like my skin had just been deeply moisturized! I can't wait to try some of the other scents, I have my eye on Pop in the Bath, Karma, Flosty Glitter, Creamy Candy and Amandopondo.

Get your own Bubble Bar here
Photo Credit: LUSH

Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Faced Foundation Wand

I must admit that I have an obsession with Too Faced.  I absolutely adore their girly packaging and quality products, so when I read Musing of a Muse's  reviews of their Foundation Wand I just had to try it.  After reading the Muse's rave review, I headed over to Sephora to check it out myself and I immediately fell in love! Not only is this product quick and efficient, it actually works and looks oh so natural, perfect for summer.  The light foundation is sheer but very buildable and it also has a slight "glow" which makes your skin look absolutely radiant.  The foundation comes in a wide range of colors to match any skin tone, and they are all named after cities (so cute! I wear "Paris") It only takes one-two pumps to cover my entire face so I think the wand should last me quite a while! I am looking forward to playing with my "magic wand" some more!

Get your own foundation wand here!
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Angels on Bare Skin

After finishing my latest bottle of Proactive Gentle Formula, I decided I needed to try something new.  Thus my love affair with LUSH began.  I decided to head over to Mall of America and hit up the only LUSH store nearby.  I talked to Christina who was amazing! Seriously she was so knowledgeable about all of the products and even offered to create an entire skin regimen for me to try and take home samples of.  Being the beauty chick that I am, obviously I said yes! My regimen consists of Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Tea Tree Spray Toner, Enzymion moisturizer and Fresh Pharmacy Spot Treatment. The thing that really sold me on LUSH is the fact that the products are so fresh, Christina even mixed up my Angels right in front of me! The consistency of the cleanser is going to be something that I will have to get used to as it is firm and grainy and you must add water and make it into a paste before cleansing.  The toner and the moisturizer, however, felt amazing to my sunburned skin! I can't wait to purchase full sizes of all of my samples!

Check it out here
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Looking for Love?

Today as I was waiting for my blonde highlights to process I came upon this lovely shade of lilac in Glamour magazine.  Immediately after my hair was finished I headed over to Ulta to pick it up and honestly it looks even prettier on! I am typically an OPI "Pinking of You" but I decided to go for this purple as it seems fun for summer!  Its very sheer, about three coats you you have a great pop of color! Overall a great find!

Check it you here
Photo Credit Essie

Saturday, June 28, 2008

24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil

Ok ladies, I may have just discovered the HG of eyeliners- Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil.  While I am not typically a black eyeliner girl, I decided to give it a try after being inspired by the lovely ladies on the set of Gossip Girl.  I usually have problems with the black overwhelming my small eyes but not with this creamy pencil! The pencil goes on smoothly and allows a few minutes of "smudge time" before setting.  Once it is set this liner does NOT and I repeat does NOT budge.  To give this pencil the test of all tests, I decided to swipe it on before hitting the gym for a cardio session.  Typically if I wear any type of eyeliner it is all over my face by the time I get done running.  So this afternoon I hesitantly stepped of the treadmill and headed over to the mirror to do the dreaded post workout face check and.....nothing, absolutely nothing. My liner and mascara looked as if it had just been applied, I was stunned. After finding this liner, black eyeliner may become a staple in my beauty routine.  I purchased 24/7 in an inky black shade called Zero but it comes in lots of fun colors including an aquamarine called Electric and a midnight purple called Lust.  I can definitely say I will be running to Ulta soon to scoop up a few more shades!

Get your own 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil here
Photo Credit: Urban