Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing Blush Brush

Today I picked up my usual cream blush from Sonia Kashuk and saw this brush and was intrigued.  Typically when using cream blush I apply it with my fingers or a sponge but I decided to give this brush a try.  The brush works perfectly, it applies the cream formula so evenly it makes you look like you are flushing naturally! The brush an apply the blush with a light tint for day or a more concentrated tint for night! Overall a great purchase!


Today, after running out of my philosophy super natural, I decided to stop by my local mac counter and pick up the new mineralize foundation.  I have to say I was hesitant to give it a try but I LOVE it.  The texture is perfect, its not dry and matte or dewy but somewhere in the middle with a hint of shimmer.  It provides amazing coverage and blends really well.  The sponge is also great, like all mac sponges.  My only issue so far is that it is hard to get the powder on the sponge, because hardly any powder comes out without shaking the whole thing, which creates a giant mess all over your bathroom floor!  Overall I really like this product, it is perfect for light summer coverage!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frosting Anyone?

After a long day of work and a killer headache, I decided to take a LONG bubble bath, in which I exfoliated until my skin was silky was at this point that I ran into a problem. I was out of my Giovanni Raspberry Winter body butter, digging through by bathroom, I came across this lovely product which I completely forgot I had. I got this decadent body butter in a gift set from a friend and never even opened it. I'm not usually someone who likes to smell too sweet but this product smells AMAZING. I don't particularly like the smell of it in the jar because its super strong but within five minutes of application the smell fades to a light, pleasant scent. It is really the texture of the cream that I love the most, immediately after application my skin feels silky smooth. This product is definitely going to be sitting on my bathroom counter from now on!

Monday, May 19, 2008


After being on my covet list for over a month, I finally went out and bought the eco-tools five piece brush set and I must say it lives up to the reviews I have read. The silky soft bristles evenly apply powder, bronzer and blush.  The concealer brush is also amazing, I used the brush on my concealer stick and then gently applied it and it looked flawless! The only issue I have with the kit is the eyeshadow shading brush.  I felt like it didnt really "catch" the product which then didnt allow enough to get on my actual eyelid.  Im going to try it again tomorrow and see if I can figure out a better way to do it!  All in all I would highly recommend this set, the brushes are super soft and chic looking and they come with an adorable eco-friendly case! What more could a green girl ask for?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Loreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon

Today when I was picking up my Healthy Volume mascara, I stumbled across this little stick.  A cream eye shadow and long lasting eyeliner, it sounded like a dream come true.  I was hesitant because typically cream eyeshadows crease after an hour on me.  Being the beauty junkie that I am, I decided to give it a try, I applied it immediately when I got home which was about 7 hours ago and still no creases in sight!  I got it in Meticulous, a taupe/bronze shade which looks great with my green eyes.  This is a great day time look, with just the right amount of color, it looks natural and subtly enhances my eyes! I would defiantly purchase another color.  There are six colors total, (meticulous-bronze/taupe, Intricate-blue, perfectionist-black, Authentic-green, Attentive-gold and Unmistakable- pink) Im going to have to add all of them to my collection!

Healthy Volume Mascara

After reading several reviews online about Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara I decided to give it a shot.  I had been using Shu Uemura Volume blast and have not been very impressed with it.  I loved the giant brush of this mascara and the light earthy smell.  One coat made my lashes instantly fuller and by the time I had two coats on my lashes were long and super thick- like fake eyelash thick! I think this might be my new Holy Grail mascara!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another day of Sunless Tanners...

So on my continued quest for the perfect "faux glow" I stumbled across a new product from Neutrogena called Sun Fresh. This amazing grapefruit scented lotion tans skin in just four hours.  I am so used to the "gradual" tanning lotion, that I was hesitant to try this instant formula, but nevertheless, on your behalf I gave it a try.  The lotion was fairly thin and not uber moisturizing but perfect for the sticky summer weather coming soon.  I loved the smell (compared to the Jergen's Skin firming Natural Glow which I have been using) and the lotion was easy to apply evenly. I was nervous to look in the mirror this morning, especially at my knees, elbows and feet/ankles, but to my surprise they looked fine, tanned even. Sun Fresh also comes in a foam formula which I haven't tried, however if you don't need the extra moisture the cream version provides I would give it a try.   I was pleasantly surprised by this quick performing product and would highly recommend it to any fair skinned girl who needs a cancer-free "faux glow."

After much experience (My Irish skin DOES NOT tan) I have discovered that it is best to first spread a thin layer of a light lotion over knees, elbows, feet and ankles first and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Next apply Sun Fresh, beginning farthest away from dry areas (ie: knees and elbows).  Spread the cream on evenly and let dry for 5 minutes and you are good to go!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tanning Bed in A Tube

As summer approaches, us fair skinned girls are desperately trying to get a head start on our tans without damaging our skin.  Skin cancer has become a dominant disease in our society which is not surprising due to our obsession with obtaining a healthy "glow." I won't even try to claim that I am not guilty of hitting up the local tanning salon for a quick and easy tan but I do not condone it, especially after reading the many articles regarding skin cancer that have come up lately.
In several of my last posts I have reviewed self tanners, I have found a few that I love but am always in search a new one and thus I am obsessed with Too Faced's new instant bronzer/self tanner "Tanning Bed in A Tube," while I have not yet tried this product (its hard living in a small town miles away from the closes Sephora) if Too Faced other products are any indication, this tanner will be great.  I love that it instantly bronzes the skin and gradually tans. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator, the tinted moisturizer in their new complexion collection, is definitely going to be be on my summer wish list. This light moisturizer is jam-packed with anti-oxidants and skin calming ingredients.  This SPF 20 cream will be perfect for days spent in the sun.  Also who could pass up the adorable packaging!

Moisture Surge Refreshing Eye Mask

This morning as I was perusing Clinique's website, I stumbled up on one of their newest creations, Moisture Surge Eye Mask.  This product claims to re-hydrate the under eye area which in turn reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles. The pre-moistened pads are applied to the under-eye area for ten minutes and claim to deliver amazing results- I will definitely be giving these a try, especially with finals coming up.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Art of Shaving for Her

The Art of Shaving's new beauty line includes this luscious rose scented shaving cream which I had to try! After reading rave reviews about this product at Total Beauty, I decided to splurge (Its $30 a bottle) and give it a try.  I immediately fell in love! The light rosy scent coupled with the soft, creamy texture makes for an amazing shaving experience! Not only were my legs perfectly shaved, but the aloe and vitamin E smoothed and conditioned by skin to perfection.  My legs had that fabulous healthy skin glow.  No more skintimate for me, this high-end product did everything it claimed to do and maybe even a little more!

Visit the product's website here

LolIShine Rouge

As a lipgloss girl, I am always hesitant to use lipsticks, I love the moveable, comfortable feel of glosses and typically sticks are very drying.  This is not the case however, with LOLIShine Rouge lipstick by Shu Uemura.  The stick has a great berry flavor, high shine and the perfect amount of color.  I couldn't resist testing out all of this new collection's shades.  My favorite everyday shad is 939, which is a perfect, mauvy-pink, just enough to enhance my natural lip color.  All the shades are fabulous!

Click here to find more information regarding the product and to find other pictures!

Biolage Cera-Repair

As I mentioned in my John Frieda post, my colorist, Chelsey, applied a wonder product to my parched locks.  While this products is only available to licensed stylists, many salons carry it.  The product is designed to repair holes in the hair shaft caused by heat and chemical damage.  Im sure you have all seen the Pantene ProV commercials that shows the hair shaft being magically repaired by the protein in Pantene, this product actually does it.  While the treatment can be pricey (around $15) It is totally worth it. The cera-repair in combination with the John Frieda Clear Color glaze and my hair is practically back to normal!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lippman Collection

As the summer season approaches, I have begun the search for the perfect summer polish.  I may have found it in Lippman Collections "Day Tripper" a pinky-peach shade that lasts for a week at least!  I do so much damage to my manicures, most of the time I don't bother to paint my nails, however this beautiful shade has captured my attention and I have a feeling I will be painting my nails more often.

The Lippman collection can be found here

Color Glaze

So this weekend I went back to my summer color- aka a very light blonde and noticed that my hair did not transition as easily as it has in the past.  My fabulous stylist at Rocco Altobelli, Chelsey, gave me several small vials of Biolage Cera-Repair Pro treatments, while I liked these I wanted my shine back.  While perusing the aisles of Walmart, I stumbled upon John Frieda's Clear Color Glaze and decided to give it a try.  You can use the treatment daily in the shower or weekly.  I chose to do the weekly as my hair is very damaged.  I left the treatment in for about an hour (the box says 20 minutes) and then shampooed it out.  Even wet my hair feels strong, healthy and soft, I cant wait to see it dry! I would definately give this one a try! It also comes in blonde, brunette and red to enhance your natural color.

All pictures come from the products website

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby oil?

From time to time I take a peek down the baby aisle at my local Walmart to check out the new products.  Products made specifically for babies are great because they are made for sensitive skin and often times have intense moisturizers.  I read in a magazine recently that applying Johnson's Baby Oil Gel to your feet after exiting the shower can help soften and smooth calluses and decided to give it a shot (my feet aren't exactly flip-flop ready!) I was amazed to find that an hour after I applied the gel, my feet were already softer.  I just reapplied it and put socks on to let it soak in overnight, hopefully my feet will have transformed by the time I wake up tomorrow!  I also decided to apply the product to my newly hairless legs and my arms and I have to say I am amazed by how great they feel.  This product will defiantly be one of my staple moisturizers from now on!

Nair Shower Power

Like every girl (especially those of us who live in sorority houses that have VERY small showers) I hate shaving my legs.  I was complaining about it today and a sorority sister recommended Nair "Shower Power."  At first I was hesitant as I have heard horror stories about allergic reactions to similar products but I decided it was worth a shot.  Not only does this cream work, it didn't burn or irritate my sensitive skin at all! The only drawback is that you MUST apply the cream evenly or you will end up with hairy patches (this happened on one of my legs) and it doesn't smell the best but hey if it gets me out of shaving my legs for a week, I'll take it!


I am SO excited by this new fragrance from Prada.  While I like Prada's traditional scent, it is not my favorite.  Iris on the other hand, I LOVE.  It has a clean, fresh fragrance that is girly and yet sexy and sophisticated at the same time.  Its a little bit pricey at $70 for the smallest bottle but totally worth it.  While I have a stash of favorite perfumes (including: Vera Wang Truly Pink, Lamb and Daisy by Marc Jacobs) I am always looking for a new favorite and I have to say this might be it! The only catch is that the fragrance can only be found at Nordstroms and Bloomingdales! Order quick before everyone else discovers this wonderful scent!

Images come from here


I am always in search of finding an "everyday" eyeshadow and so far, nothing has beat MAC's "Shroom." The swatch does not do it justice, its really a creamy, gold with beige undertones.  Its really subtle and yet sexy at the same time.  I love that it can be worn alone with a brown or black liner or as a base for a dramatic smoky eye. The color is so versatile and is the only of my MAC eyeshadows (and I have a ton- just ask my roommate!) that I have ever needed to replace.  The silky smooth texture goes on easily and lasts all day- or at least until I take my daily nap!

All images come from the products website

Buxom Lips

I think I may be in love.  I have a lip gloss addition- no seriously, I have around 10 tubes in my bag at any given time.  However, for this gloss, I'm willing to give all my others away! This intensely pigmented gloss (I use dolly, a rosy-pink shade) glides on smoothly and looks flawless with a cool, fresh scent.  After a few minutes I was surprised to notice that the gloss tingled, I read the package a noticed that one of the ingredients was mint, which is always a plus! While the gloss doesn't last overly long- its color and texture cannot be imitated! 

Nail Polish Pen

When I saw this at my local drugstore, being the beauty addict that I am, I was intrigued.  I bought "Hot Pink Creme" and "Sheer Pink." I decided to practice with my toes, I clicked the pen the instructed 5 times and voila, nail polish appeared!  The polish went on surprisingly easily and looked great.  Another plus is that it dried in about 5 minutes, with two coats it only took me 10 minutes! Amazing I know! I love the bright, springy shade of pink, however when I applied the "Sheer Pink" to my nails I was disappointed.  The color was streaky and rather a creamy-white shade than a pale pink. I took it off and applied the hot pink to my nails as well and I have to say its been three days and they still look great! I will for sure be heading back to CVS soon to purchase several of the other bright colors!  Several other brands have these pens as well, however I have yet to try them.

Swell Volume

My lovely stylist at Studio 2000, recommended this shampoo, which happens to be made in my home state, which is obviously a plus! I don't typically use volume enhancing shampoo but I decided to give this one a try.  I was, first of all, pleasantly surprised by the light fresh fragrance! The sulfate-free shampoo lathered surprisingly well and rinsed clean.  I did not initially use the matching conditioner so I simply used one of my staples.  After I towel-dried my hair it was easy to comb through and the light fragrance lingered.  I blow-dried my hair the same way I always do, upside-down, right-side up.  I was amazed by the bounce my hair had.  Even after my daily straightening my roots were still full and healthy looking.  I would highly recommend this product for people with short hair, although I lent it to a sorority sister with long hair and she loved it too!

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Body Scrub

Since, in preparation for spring, I have begun using a self tanner each day, I needed a fabulous body scrub in order for the tanner to work its magic.  If you want soft, silky, luminous skin and a fabulous pre-tanning scrub, this is it!  This thick, yummy smelling substance has small beads as well as a sandy texture, with no messy oil in sight!  I used it in the shower and the smell was amazing, also its very easy to use standing up and because there is no oil the scrub doesn't run right off your skin while you're trying to rub it in! Also a little goes a LONG way, I have a feeling ill be using this tub well into the summer!

All images come from the products website