Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ok this time im back for real

Work is literally taking over my life. I hardly have time to sleep and see friends let alone blog, but alas I have made time for you mes amour :)

I have a dilemma. For the past year or so my skin has looked amazing, I mean I had the occasional breakout but for the most part and I was clear and smooth...enter March 2010. I have landed myself in breakout central, every morning I wake up and find a new little nemesis on my face.

Finally after about a month of my acne battle, I surrendered and hauled my but to the derm to get some troops to be rid of acne for good. Enter Clindamyacin Gel and RetinAMicro. While I cant say yet if its working, I can say this. Its making my skin peel like none other. Typically my skin is combination so I have some peeling in the winter but never to this extent. So...the reason im telling you lovelies about this is I need suggestions, anyone use these two products before? How did you keep the dryness at bay? did they work for you?

Id love to hear from you!

love from your college beauty addict

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally Back with New Reviews.....

Pardon my long absence....I have been dealing with life after graduation, travelling, finding a job and the like which I'm sure you know is a full time job in itself. Anyways, while I've been on my hiatus, I've discovered tons of new products that I absolutely HAVE to share with you, the first and perhaps my absolute favorite is Clairol's Shine Happy. I had my hair highlighted recently and I was far from pleased with the results. The technician did not apply the color close enough to my roots leaving my hair looking like I already had a month's worth of growth that and the fact that my hair grows fast in the first place did not give for happy results. In an effort to save money and not return to the salon 3 weeks after my previous appointment, I purchased Clairol's Shine Happy in hopes of giving my hair a boost. This product promises to deliver extreme shine in only ten minutes. So I slathered it on and bubbled bathed it up for about 10-15 minutes then rinsed the product out and conditioned it with the tube included in the kit. On a whim I decided to blow dry my hair in hopes of seeing some serious shine. I was STUNNED. I mean seriously, i rarely say that about a product but this one blew me away. My hair, normally a frizzy mess after a blow out was perfectly smooth and straight with no fly aways. In addition it has some serious shine action going on as well as some serious softness. It also seemed to bring out my highlights and make them look less "grown out." I would highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a deep conditioning treatment with great shine, absolutely worth the $9. I will be repurchasing this kit in about 6 weeks, which is how long each treatment should last.