Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Update

So this morning I hauled my tail over to Sephora to test out the MUFE HD foundation only to find that Sephora does not sell the HD in stores! You can imagine my dissapointment until the sales associate explained that the high lift foundation, which they do carry in stores is practically the same! She then helped me find the perfect (and ladies I mean PERFECT) shade of foundation to match my fair skin with a pink undertone! I raced home to apply the foundation with a Kabuki brush ala Kim Kardashian. To my surprise the foundation blended in perfectly with the Kabuki brush! Also the light creamy foundation provided great coverage in my "trouble areas" and simply evened out the rest of my face! Im not typically a huge fan of liquid foundation but this is definatly one that I would reccomend!

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