Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Banana Boat Disappointment

As the second "faux-glow" product I have tried, I thought this would be my favorite after all of the great reviews I read about it.  I was very disappointed.  I loved the custom color dial and the smell faded quickly, however, it left hardly any color on my skin.  I have fair, Irish skin and so I bought the lotion designed for "light" skin.  You would honestly have to be pale as a ghost for this product to tan your skin.  Even on the darkest setting I hardly developed a tan.  I attempted to find lotion for darker skin but after stops at several Targets I have still been unable to find it. Overall I wouldnt recommend this lotion unless it is the first time you are using tanner and you need to build a good base.  Don't worry though today I found several amazing paraben free self tanners at my local Whole Foods that Im going to give a try soon!

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