Friday, June 27, 2008

Kat Von D

I have to say that celebrity products are not ones that typically catch my attention as it seems that everyone has something to sell these days, however Kat Von D's new limited collection really caught my eye.  While I don't typically wear red lipstick (the signature product in her line) I love her True Romance eyeshadow palettes, especially Ludwig which consists of colors from black to brown and everything in between.  The palette is designed to create a customized smoky eye whether that is green, gold, brown or black.  The shadows are silky smooth and last surprisingly long and seriously, could the case be cuter. Smashbox black with adorable silver rose designs, inspired by one of Kat's tattoos.  The palette comes in two colors, Ludwig (pictured above) and Beethoven (consists of more blues and greys).  It is not very often that you find an eyeshadow palette with such a wide variety of colors, it is the perfect fool-proof smokey eye tool, as Kat has already given you all of the colors necessary.  This product is definitely on my summer "must have" list!

Pick up your own True Love Eyeshadow Palette at Sephora

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