Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nail Polish Pen

When I saw this at my local drugstore, being the beauty addict that I am, I was intrigued.  I bought "Hot Pink Creme" and "Sheer Pink." I decided to practice with my toes, I clicked the pen the instructed 5 times and voila, nail polish appeared!  The polish went on surprisingly easily and looked great.  Another plus is that it dried in about 5 minutes, with two coats it only took me 10 minutes! Amazing I know! I love the bright, springy shade of pink, however when I applied the "Sheer Pink" to my nails I was disappointed.  The color was streaky and rather a creamy-white shade than a pale pink. I took it off and applied the hot pink to my nails as well and I have to say its been three days and they still look great! I will for sure be heading back to CVS soon to purchase several of the other bright colors!  Several other brands have these pens as well, however I have yet to try them.

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