Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby oil?

From time to time I take a peek down the baby aisle at my local Walmart to check out the new products.  Products made specifically for babies are great because they are made for sensitive skin and often times have intense moisturizers.  I read in a magazine recently that applying Johnson's Baby Oil Gel to your feet after exiting the shower can help soften and smooth calluses and decided to give it a shot (my feet aren't exactly flip-flop ready!) I was amazed to find that an hour after I applied the gel, my feet were already softer.  I just reapplied it and put socks on to let it soak in overnight, hopefully my feet will have transformed by the time I wake up tomorrow!  I also decided to apply the product to my newly hairless legs and my arms and I have to say I am amazed by how great they feel.  This product will defiantly be one of my staple moisturizers from now on!

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