Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frosting Anyone?

After a long day of work and a killer headache, I decided to take a LONG bubble bath, in which I exfoliated until my skin was silky was at this point that I ran into a problem. I was out of my Giovanni Raspberry Winter body butter, digging through by bathroom, I came across this lovely product which I completely forgot I had. I got this decadent body butter in a gift set from a friend and never even opened it. I'm not usually someone who likes to smell too sweet but this product smells AMAZING. I don't particularly like the smell of it in the jar because its super strong but within five minutes of application the smell fades to a light, pleasant scent. It is really the texture of the cream that I love the most, immediately after application my skin feels silky smooth. This product is definitely going to be sitting on my bathroom counter from now on!

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