Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Comforter

During my recent love affair with Lush products, I stumbled across this amazing little pink bar of bubbles. "The Comforter" is a product in Lush's line bubble bars which are designed to fill your tub with yummy, moisturizing bubbles.  While I was picking up my Angles on Bare Skin cleanser, I saw this and decided it looked too pretty to pass up! That night when I got home and crumbled a small amount of the blackberry scented bar into my tub and was amazed by the amount of bubbles created! Bubble baths are one of my guilty pleasures and I can only indulge during the summers at home so I take one every chance I get but bubble bath typically dries out my skin so much I have to apply tons of lotion to fix it! Not the case with this bar! Not only was the water a gorgeous shade of pink, it smelled delicious and I stepped out of my tub feeling like my skin had just been deeply moisturized! I can't wait to try some of the other scents, I have my eye on Pop in the Bath, Karma, Flosty Glitter, Creamy Candy and Amandopondo.

Get your own Bubble Bar here
Photo Credit: LUSH

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