Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alto Bella Moisturizing Complex

Yes, its true, I am about to share one of my favorite super secret products, Alto Bella Moisturizing Complex.  Now I am almost 100% sure none of you have ever heard of this little delight, however get ready because it will change your life forever.  I first stumbled upon this product at my salon, Rocco Altobelli salon, at home in Minnesnowta, it is designed by the owner of the salon himself, and used to only be available in the store.  I would come back to school with dozens of bottles of it to make sure that I didn't run out and my roommates constantly begged to borrow it and often times stole it, no seriously, its that good! Luckily for my roommates,  Alto Bella products are now available online! The moisturizing complex comes in a variety of scents including: vanilla, pomegranate, green tea, lemon verbena, Sea and Vitamin C, Milk, lavender, and ginger. My personal favorites are green tea and pomegranate! These little guys contain tons of vitamins and heavy non-greasy moisturizers to soothe and condition skin.  If you care about your skin at all, you will give these guys a try, and for $9 you can order more than one!

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