Sunday, September 28, 2008

Exceptionnel de Chanel

After reading a review of this product from the ladies of Beauty in Real Life, I decided that I needed to haul my butt to Nordstroms and pick some up.  This weekend while I was at home I had the opportunity to hit up Nordies and one of my scores was this lovely little tube that provides lash seriously.  At first I was skeptical of the brush because it has so many different sides, but I was amazed after one coat.  Im hooked! I don't think any other mascara will ever be the same! Even one of my roommates noticed and asked what I was wearing.  While the price ($28) is a little bit steep for a mascara, it is so worth it, plus its Chanel! The packaging is totally classic Chanel black with a small emblem on the top and a Chanel written in white across the bottom.  Overall I am extremely happy with my Chanel purchase of the weekend!

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