Monday, September 8, 2008

Philosophy Hope in A Jar

I know, I know, Im a horrible blogger....but give me a break as school is currently ruling my life.  Anyways, besides school, my skin is currently being a major pain in my behind! Its like this every single year....come back to school only to have my skin go into a full fledged revolt. Before I headed back I purchased Philosophy's Hope in a Jar which I heard was good for sensitive skin.  Alas this was not the case for me.  While I liked the scent of the product, the texture was a little bit too greasy, and almost immediately after I began using this product the skin revolt started (No...I know thats not the only reason my skin is acting up but I still think it contributed!). I am so disappointed because I know this is an HG product for many people.  Anyways, better luck with the next moisturizer on my list!

Photo Credit: Sephora

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